The Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention offers two (2) types of scholarships for those seeking a church related vocation. The Church Related Vocational Scholarship (CRVS) is for undergraduate students and the Richard Furman Scholarship (RF) is for SBC seminary students and SCBC university students seeking a masters degree. Both require a public commitment to a church related vocation. Please read below for descriptions of each scholarship. Click on the appropriate scholarship link for more information on qualifications and to apply online for that scholarship.

Undergraduates: Church Related Vocational Scholarship (CRVS)

The CRVS is for undergraduate students attending an accredited college/university in SC.

Masters Level Graduate Students: Richard Furman Scholarship (RF)

The Richard Furman Scholarship is for master level graduate students attending one of the six Southern Baptist Seminaries or one of the three South Carolina Baptist Convention universities: Anderson, Charleston Southern, or North Greenville University.

The deadline to apply for the Richard Furman and Church Related Vocational Scholarships is March 15, 2016. 

The scholarship deadline for the 2016/2017 school year has now passed.

For more information on these scholarships or to request a church recommendation form, feel free to e-mail

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